Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Why is it important to acknowledge our psychological achievements? 
And what actually constitutes a psychological step forward?

Each small change we make in our emotional field - a slightly different way of responding to a particular problem or challenging person - deserves a pat on the back.

Does a small shift count?
How about a one time shift?
Not 100%?

The mini steps towards our goals are important to see as wins in themselves.

By giving ourselves credit for small victories we build stamina for the long haul!

An opportunity to experiment with some fun


So how do you pat yourself on the back for taking a step forward?

Can you actually see those mini steps or do they have to be gargantuan before you count them?

Think about a recent difficult situation - or even an on-going, chronic issue that you have been dealing with…

Spell out the 'problem':
Difficult person?  (Mother, father, sibling, partner… you get the idea…)
Challenging issue? (Money, weight, work… you know, those biggies…)

Now ask yourself how you have traditionally dealt with the situation.
         The list here might be long - make it as comprehensive as possible…

Next ask yourself what you might have done - or could do - that might be a little different.  

Look for little shifts in possible or actual behavior.  Really pay attention to the micro!

Finally, look at yourself in your real or metaphorical mirror, and give yourself a big pat on the back for any small steps in a slightly new direction!


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