Tuesday, September 2, 2014


"Sorry," he said, "it's taken me so long to return your call.  I've just been really busy…"

One month worth of really busy?  Uh huh…

"Sorry," she said, "I have to take a rain check.  I'm just really busy…"

The night before a long planned event really busy?  Uh huh…

"Sorry," he said, "I forget to bring any money.  I'll catch you next time…"

Third time in a row, forgot?  Uh huh…

What do you think these three people have in common?
If you guessed a full blown case of passive aggresivitus, you got it right!

"Who, me?" they say.  "Angry?  No way!"
Uh huh…

What do ya say?
Ever been on the receiving end of this one?
How about the doing end? 

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