Wednesday, January 18, 2017


"Our baby is so smart, stubborn, difficult, easy…"
These early life labels have a tendency to stick.

Labels can be either useful or destructive. 

Almost all societies and languages use descriptive words as a means of cataloging and categorizing people, activities, and behavior. 

These words can make it easier to figure things out - or get us stuck in a quagmire of false convictions.

We are experiencing a lot of this in today's news as well as the anxiety that often goes along with these labels.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


What do you label?  Behavior?  People?  Groups?
Now ask yourself where you 'picked up' these labels.

How useful is this language short-cut?
Does it give you more ease in dealing or less?
Does labeling expand your options or limit them?

Now ask yourself how often you label yourself.
How many of your self-labels are negative?

Try a day without labeling yourself or others as an experiment.
What happens?

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