Wednesday, January 4, 2017


If black holes in space are only 27% of the energy in the observable world, what percentage of our emotional reality are our own dark spaces?

Why do they become so powerful?

Here are some of the phrases used to describe these emotional pulls:

*When something feels unfinished…
*When my push back wasn't strong enough…
*When I didn't win - they did…
*When I got fooled, betrayed, done in, put down, pushed…

Can you see the common thread?

We have a tendency to get stuck when someone else takes over our reality and has too much power to control or harm us.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Clearly feeling powerless and overwhelmed can be emotionally toxic!

Go back to that list of reasons for sinking into the emotional dark holes.
Now take a moment to think about re-doing any of those reasons that resonate for you.  

Remember we have a wonderful resource in our brain power:  Use your imagination where direct action isn't feasible!

For example:
Have an imaginary dialog with someone who has done you wrong… 
In this dialog say everything you felt you couldn't say in real life!  
You know there is a shift when you start laughing - or even crying!

Imagine a really good push-back!  
Remember this is imaginary so go for it!  
Over the cliff is okay! 

Imagine getting even… Yes it's okay!  This is a fantasy, remember. 

You are empowering yourself.  Try it - it actually works!


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