Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Our most powerful organ - our brain - can create amazing changes. 

We can use it to suffer - to feel like victims and obsess about what we needed and didn't get or…

…we can use it to consciously take active roles in our healing of past emotional, psychological and even physical traumas.

We are not talking about denial and pretending that something was different than it was.

The idea is to grab hold of the reality, face it and then find ways to heal and make changes.

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Rule #1 - Be creative
Rule #2 - Be flexible
Rule #3 - Be persistent
Rule #4 - Be conscious

So, what does this mean? 
In order to make changes in how we feel, first we need to acknowledge the feeling. 

Next we can do something creative to release some of the energy connected to that feeling - this is where some of that creativity comes in! 

Use your imagination to stage dialogs, to act out different scenarios.  Release comes when you find yourself laughing or even crying!

Now, again using your brain power, decide what needs to happen to allow yourself to heal. 

Is it forgiveness of others?  Of yourself? 

Is it creating an alternate reality that you consciously 'adopt'? 

Perhaps part of it is taking in love and good feelings from nature, from any sweetness that you see around you? 

Might it be from allowing that inner cheerleader of yours to take over from the internalized bully voices of others that entered your past reality? 

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