Friday, November 11, 2016


"Why can't they just…"

One of the most powerful steps in our personal evolution is when we can answer that question with:

"I get it! They can't because that's not who they are!"

Whether I spend time with them or not is a choice I make … BUT…
It has to be based on who they really are, not who I want them to be!

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…

What happens when you take a moment to look at your significant relationships?

Check it out:  Parents?  Children?  Friends?  Partners? 

How realistically do you look at these people?

Do you actually like them or just your fantasy of who they should be?

Do you keep trying to change them into who you want them to be or can you allow yourself to enjoy the reality?

Do you get angry at them when they don't 'perform' to your guidelines?

Do you think that their performance has something to do with how they feel about you - instead of who THEY are?

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