Friday, October 7, 2016


How much of your day do you spend being thrown off balance by those little annoyances? 

They do exist in all of our lives - the car alarm down the street that goes off in the middle of the night, the neighbor's dog that keeps barking, the stranger who doesn't watch where he is going and bumps into you on the street…

We can take these things personally as reflections of others attitude towards us, or we can roll our eyes and shake them off staying focused on the things that really matter.

How much of your day gets caught in those minor irritations? 

DANCE WITH IT!   EXPERIENTIAL APPS                           
An opportunity to experiment with some fun ideas…


Here's an old tried, but true trick:
Imagine that today is the last day of your life…
You already know where we are going with this, right?
          How much time would you spend on that barking dog?
          How would this time limitation change your focus?

Use your imagination to get rid of the minor annoyances.
Imagine meting out punishment that fits the 'crime'.  
If you start laughing you are released!
Have an imaginary dialog with the violator.  Be outrageous - this is imaginary!

You can also do something physical - non-toxic of course!  Hit a pillow, sing a song, yell in a safe place…

It's all about releasing the energy connected to these truly minor, yet daily annoyances so that they don't waste your time!

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